Shadow Play

Doorway in Sunlight | Covent Garden

Headphones | Canary Wharf

Ice Cream Store | Soho, London

Next Floor Anticipation | Tate Modern, London

Chelsea Market High Line Entrance | NYC

Berado Collection | Belem, Lisbon

Ghosted | Bankside, London

Doorway in Sunlight | Covent Garden, London

Runners | Blackfriars Bridge, London

Centre Point Revellers

Walking | Canary Wharf

Machinery | DLR, Canary Wharf

Shadow Walk | Canary Wharf

Waiting | Canary Wharf

Walkway | Granary Square, London

Escalator | Canary Wharf

Crossing the Street | Greenwich Village, NYC

Commuter | Canary Wharf

Friends | Granary Square, London

Meeting | Granary Square, London

Open Sky | Granary Square, London

Doorway Illustration | Shoreditch, London

By the Water | Granary Square, King's Cross

Ground Zero Observation Tower | NYC

Manhattan Bridge | NYC

Crossing | Granary Square, King's Cross

Cycles | Barbican Estate, London

Spaceship | Granary Square, King's Cross

Walkway | Canary Wharf

W Hotel Entrance | Soho, London

Yellow Pipes | Moorgate, London

Walkway | Barbican Estate, London

On the Phone | London Bridge Station

Bike Park | London Bridge Station

Bike Park | London Bridge Station

Shapes in the glass | One New Change, St Pauls

Lone Shadow | Shoreditch, London

Lone Cyclist | London Bridge

Friends | London Bridge Station

Graphic Street Corner | Shoreditch, London

Cycle in Shadow | Shoreditch, London

Wall Shadow | Shoreditch, London

Street Grafitti | Shoreditch, London

Couple in Shadow

Ghostly Runner | Shoreditch, London

Round shadow | Porto

Swarm | One New Change, St Pauls

Shadow Talk | London Bridge

Cyclist in Sunlight | London Bridge

Arthouse Cinema | Crouch End, London

Four Friends | London Bridge Station

Heading back to the office | Spitalfields, London

Walking the stairs | Alfama, Lisbon

Walking into the sun | Spitalfields

Pavement Light | Spitalfields

Sunlight & Shadow | Spitalfields, London

NGATE | Spitalfields

Water droplets | Spitalfields

Liverpool Street | Spitalfields

Yellow Wall & Brown Window | Alfurada, Porto

Signage in shadow | Porto

Red Broom | Alfurada, Porto

Tiles through Window | Porto

Doorway slit | Serralvez, Porto

River Silhouettes | Camden Market

Bridge Brickwork | Camden Town

Sale | Camden High Street

Odeon Leicester square 1

Korean Window 1

Pizza Box | Piccadilly

Golden corridor | Spitalfields, London

Mini Golf Signage | Alfama

No 8 on yellow wall | Alfama

Checking in mirror | Santa Clara Market, Lisbon

Commerce Arch | Lisbon