Penn Station Arrivals | NYC

Pensive Subway Passenger | NYC

Subway Journey | NYC

Fumbling for the Mobile | NYC

Subway Takeaway | NYC

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Subway Phone Kiosk | NYC

Subway Sleeping | NYC

Leaving the Subway | NYC

Couple on West 34th Street Subway | NYC

Waiting at Fulton Street Subway | NYC

Penn Station Architecture | NYC

West 4th Street Subway Passenger | NYC

Subway Snacking | NYC

Walking | Canary Wharf

Waiting | Canary Wharf

Commuter | Canary Wharf

Escalator | Canary Wharf

Headphones | Canary Wharf

Machinery | DLR, Canary Wharf

Empty Walkway | London Bridge Station

Under the Arches | Blackfriars Bridge, London

Orange Rucksack | Blackfriars Bridge, London

Underpass | Blackfriars Bridge, London

Cycles | Barbican Estate, London

Girl & Reflection | Moorgate, London

Passageway | London Bridge Station

Escalator | London Bridge Station

Stairway Silhouette | London Bridge Station

Bike Park | London Bridge Station

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Underground Cash | London Bridge Station

Orange Bag | London Bridge Station