Urban Geometry

Shadow Walk | Canary Wharf

A Subway Train Arrival | NYC

Switch Staircase| Tate Modern, London

Subway Journey | NYC

Chelsea Market High Line Entrance | NYC

Penn Station Architecture | NYC

Pensive Subway Passenger | NYC

Ground Zero Observation Tower | NYC

Ghosted | Bankside, London

Looking Across Millennium Bridge | Bankside, London

Jubilee-Ready | Covent Garden, London

Doorway in Sunlight | Covent Garden

Walking Reflection | Covent Garden, London

Next Floor Anticipation | Tate Modern, London

Doorway in Sunlight | Covent Garden, London

Runners | Blackfriars Bridge, London

Bus Reflection | Covent Garden, London

Silhouette against Coloured Lights, Spitalfields, London

Walkway | Canary Wharf

Rainy Night | Centre Point, London

Walking | Canary Wharf

Waiting | Canary Wharf

Commuter | Canary Wharf

Walkway | Granary Square, London

Financial Storm | Fitzrovia, London

Vapiano's | Fitzrovia, London

Blue Umbrella | Fitzrovia, London

Peep Show | Fitzrovia, London

Headphones | Canary Wharf

Escalator | Canary Wharf

Open Sky | Granary Square, London

Balcony Chat | Granary Square, King's Cross

By the Water | Granary Square, King's Cross

Spaceship | Granary Square, King's Cross

Beer Bar | Granary Square, King's Cross

Couple Running | Blackfriars Bridge, London

Under the Arches | Blackfriars Bridge, London

Solo | Blackfriars Bridge, London

Brass Railings | Blackfriars Bridge, London

Market Stall Blinds | Camden Lock, London

Atrium | Tate Modern, London

Modern Tate | London

W Hotel Entrance | Soho, London

Picture House Central | Soho, London

Watching Reflections | Soho, London

Round shadow | Porto

Statue | Barbican Estate, London

Red Light District | Fitzrovia, London

Cycles | Barbican Estate, London

Runner | Moorgate, London

Traffic Intersection | Moorgate, London

Pushchair | Barbican Estate, London

Lone Figure | 6 More Place, London

Walkway | Barbican Estate, London

Yellow Pipes | Moorgate, London

Stairway Silhouette | London Bridge Station

Commuter Silhouettes | London Bridge Station

Underground Cash | London Bridge Station

Empty Walkway | London Bridge Station

Orange Bag | London Bridge Station

Silhouette | Oxford Circus, London

Four Friends | London Bridge Station

Shadow Talk | London Bridge

Wall Shadow | Shoreditch, London

Street Grafitti | Shoreditch, London

Cyclist in Sunlight | London Bridge

Cycle in Shadow | Shoreditch, London

Couple in Shadow

Rum Kitchen | Shoreditch, London

Escalator | London Bridge Station

Commuting | London Bridge Station

Passageway | London Bridge Station

125 Moorgate | Barbican Estate, London

Walkway Building | Barbican Estate, London

Girl & Reflection | Moorgate, London

Couple Walking | Blackfriars Bridge, London

NGATE | Spitalfields

Crossing| Spitalfields

Red Flower Blue Wall | Alfurada

Tiles through Window | Porto

The Last of Us | Broadgate Centre, Spitalfields, London

Golden corridor | Spitalfields, London

Silhouette staring | Lisbon Ferry terminal

Silhouette against yellow | Lisbon ferry Terminal

No 8 on yellow wall | Alfama

Covered yellow steps | Alfama

Commerce Arch | Lisbon