Street Silhouettes

Crossing the Street | Greenwich Village, NYC

Penn Station Arrivals | NYC

Looking Across Millennium Bridge | Bankside, London

Silhouette Head Shot | LIsbon

Silhouette against Coloured Lights, Spitalfields, London

Manhatten Bridge Silhouette | New York

Leaving MAAT | Lisbon

Chelsea Market High Line Entrance | NYC

Peep Show | Fitzrovia, London

West 4th Street Subway Passenger | NYC

Runners | Blackfriars Bridge, London

Brillo Exhibit | Lisbon

Crossing| Spitalfields

Centre Point Revellers

Walkway | Canary Wharf

Blue Umbrella | Fitzrovia, London

Walking | Canary Wharf

Shadow Walk | Canary Wharf

Girl in Tunnel | Broadgate Centre, Spitalfields

Financial Storm | Fitzrovia, London

Waiting | Canary Wharf

Vapiano's | Fitzrovia, London

Escalator | Canary Wharf

Commuter | Canary Wharf

Balcony Chat | Granary Square, King's Cross

Friends | Granary Square, London

Meeting | Granary Square, London

By the Water | Granary Square, King's Cross

Crossing | Granary Square, King's Cross

Spaceship | Granary Square, King's Cross

Coal Drops Yard | Granary Square, King's Cross

Red Umbrella | Granary Square, King's Cross

Couple Walking | Blackfriars Bridge, London

Orange Rucksack | Blackfriars Bridge, London

Couple Running | Blackfriars Bridge, London

Solo | Blackfriars Bridge, London

Picture House Central | Soho, London

Modern Tate | London

Two Bikes | Chinatown, London

Watching Reflections | Soho, London

Ice Cream Store | Soho, London

Girl & Reflection | Moorgate, London

Balcony silhouette | One New Change, St Pauls

Pushchair | Barbican Estate, London

Subway Stairs | New York

Runner | Moorgate, London

Lone Figure | 6 More Place, London

Swarm | One New Change, St Pauls

Statue | Barbican Estate, London

Commuter Silhouettes | London Bridge Station

Lone Cyclist | London Bridge

Lady in black 1

Ghostly Runner | Shoreditch

Silhouette | Oxford Circus, London

Four Friends | London Bridge Station

Friends | London Bridge Station

Carwash | Shoreditch, London

Couple in Shadow

Alfama | Lisbon

Walking the stairs | Alfama, Lisbon

Party Street | Lisbon

Walking into the sun | Spitalfields

Broadgate Centre Entrance | Spitalfields

Three Silhouettes | One New Change, St Pauls

Shapes in the glass | One New Change, St Pauls

Cemetary gates | Porto

Casa de Musica | Porto

Three Uncles Cafe | Camden Market

Archway Silhouette | Camden Town

Snog window | Soho