Through the Glass

Pensive Subway Passenger | NYC

Ice Cream Store | Soho, London

Dusk at Bus Stop | Piccadilly

Walking Reflection | Covent Garden, London

Dancing with merchandise | Bond Street, London

Open till late 1

Bus Reflection | Covent Garden, London

Stair reflections | One New Change, St Pauls

Water droplets | Spitalfields

Tate Modern Shop Window | Bankside, London

Behind the desk | Spitalfields

Korean Window 1

Watching Reflections | Soho, London

Cycles | Barbican Estate, London

Shapes in the glass | One New Change, St Pauls

125 Bastian Highwalk | Barbican Estate

Silhouette | Oxford Circus, London

Mannequins | Shoreditch, London

Escalator | London Bridge Station

Stool Holder | Camden Lock, London

Leaving the lift | One New Change, St Pauls

Snog window | Soho

Eating at raised bar | Chinatown

Building No 2 | Soho

Lady in Red | Piccadilly

Concentration | Piccadilly

Reading menu | Chinatown

Boy in Restaurant | Chinatown