Doorway Illustration

Shoreditch, East London | Canon EOS R : RF 35mm f1.8 IS : f/13.0 : 1/250s : ISO 100

Although street art was initially frowned upon and considered by many to represent vandalism, the 90’s saw street art and graffiti beginning to gain acceptance in many city centres.

Increasingly, experimental street artists were drawn to places in East London such as Shoreditch and Hoxton where, through their art on display at street level, they could gain exposure. Shoreditch has grown to become the epicentre for cutting edge street art with stunning examples to be found on almost every street corner.

I found this doorway illustration by chance while in Shoreditch just before the lockdown. It is located in Shoreditch High Street under one of the London Overground train bridges. Tucked away in a small cul-de-sac it almost feels that it is hanging in its own bespoke gallery.

Using a 35mm lens and moving in relatively close, I wanted to separate the illustration from some of the surrounding detail in the street. However, apart from the conversion to black and white, and the decision to place the less important items captured within the frame into deep shadows, the image remained relatively close to the captured RAW file shown here.

Having discovered such a great piece of art almost by accident, I am keen, once this pandemic is over to return to Shoreditch and hunt out more unique examples of great street art and graffiti. Let’s hope it will be soon.