Whitby Street Graffiti

Shoreditch, East London | Canon EOS R : RF 35mm f1.8 IS : f/13.0 : 1/500s : ISO 400 

As Shoreditch becomes ever-more the primary magnet for street and graffiti artists in East London, the creative bar gets ever higher as to what gets to be seen, giving the artist much-needed exposure. Whitby Street is one such sought-after location. In the heart of Shoreditch, Whitby Street buildings offer wonderfully expansive blank canvas walls on which artists can create and display their work. Each time I visit this street, there is at least one major new piece of art on display. Of course, the art itself is not planned at a street level, consequently, many of the examples of street art often clash or at least fight for attention through the use of ever more bright or garish colours.

It came as somewhat of a pleasant surprise, to find several pieces of street art displayed across two of the roads Whitby and Chance Street that seemed to be in synch at the intersection where the street art met. What’s more, both streets were traversed at the time by a deep shadow which seemed to add to the degree to which the street art was in some way coordinated. The whole scene appeared wonderfully geometric with one part brightly lit, the other in deep shadow.

I positioned myself at the intersection of the two streets and from the road tried to compose a shot that seemed both coherent and balanced. Even the street markings added to the sense of geometry. I believe Shoreditch has a great deal to offer the street photographer. I am counting down the days and weeks until lockdown ends to resume my exploration of this fascinating and vibrant part of East London. I not only want to capture some new and exciting street art but also a flavour of the current brand of hipsters and others that give Shoreditch and Hoxton its unique vibe.