Category : Street Art

Whitby Street Graffiti

As Shoreditch becomes ever-more the primary magnet for street and graffiti artists in East London, the creative bar gets ever higher. Whitby Street is one such sought-after location. In the heart of Shoreditch, Whitby Street buildings offer wonderfully expansive blank canvas walls on which artists can create and display their work. Potential shots for the photographer lie around every street corner.

Brick Lane Intersection

Increasingly, Brick Lane is taking on some of the characteristics of Shoreditch, with some stunning examples of graffiti, sitting side-by-side with hand-made posters promoting everything from upcoming raves to designer pop-up fashion boutiques. in addition, the area also boasts an art school and a famous Truman Brewery. It is an exciting and vibrant location for street photography.

Ghostly Runner

Walking around the centre of Shoreditch including the tunnel that links the two parts of the city separated by the Overground, a steady stream of runners offered potentially interesting subject matter. I noticed there was some great light at the Southend of the tunnel, so rather than go hunt for my subject, I decided to fish, finding a good spot to line up a suitable frame and wait for the right moment.