Category : Street Silhouettes

Couple in Shadow

London Bridge is a haphazard jungle of intersecting roads, tunnels, station entrances, a bus terminal and hidden walkways. I love it. On bright sunny days, shafts of light cut across its many junctions, creating constantly changing shadows and silhouettes. This particular shot involved standing in the middle of traffic risking life and limb. I felt it was worth the risk!

Ghostly Runner

Walking around the centre of Shoreditch including the tunnel that links the two parts of the city separated by the Overground, a steady stream of runners offered potentially interesting subject matter. I noticed there was some great light at the Southend of the tunnel, so rather than go hunt for my subject, I decided to fish, finding a good spot to line up a suitable frame and wait for the right moment.

American Carwash

Street photography can be an unpredictable pursuit. One minute you are walking around the streets in an area, with nothing catching your eye or even sometimes resembling a potential shot. It is all about capturing the moment. If you have to waste precious seconds changing lenses, focussing or adjusting your camera settings, the moment can disappear. This scene of an East London carwash was a mix of serenity and reflexive reaction.